• Samuel Oshana Went From Business to Real Estate Investments

  • Posted on August 23, 2023
  • He has had a long career, and much of Samuel Oshana’s past success came from his ability to start up new companies and nurture them to significant success and a healthy return on investment. Take the time he led the startup and eventual sale of Apex Data Systems, a merchant payment processor. He managed that feat while he was working for First Data Corporation, and he brought that company along until he was able to sell it for a significant return on investment. Over the course of his career, Sam Oshana held series 7, 55 and 63 brokers’ licenses, which he believes taught him the value of the right investment, as well as how to maximize investment returns.

    Those are lessons he and his clients profit from to this day. These days, Samuel Oshana engages in far more aggressive investment than previously, loaning capital to individuals and small companies, while using their real property as collateral. Overall, Sam has been very successful in many business areas, but real estate seems to be his calling. Hen recently obtained a license as a Florida real estate broker, which allows him to become more successful then ever before, buying properties in several South Florida counties at a bargain, rehabbing them and selling them for a healthy profit.

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